A Trail Called Home - Dundurn

A Trail Called Home

Tree Stories from the Golden Horseshoe

Published May 2019


An exploration of trees in the Golden Horseshoe and the stories they tell.

Trees define so much of Canadian life, but many people, particularly in the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario, don’t know that much about them. Granted, it is harder here: there are more trees that are native to this area than anywhere else in Canada.

The great storytellers of the landscape, trees are looking glasses into the past. They speak of biology, ecology, and geology, as well as natural and human history. Through a greater understanding of trees, we can become more rooted to the land beneath our feet, and our place in it.



Paul O'Hara

Paul O’Hara is a writer, field botanist, landscape designer, and native plant gardening expert. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

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May 2019
5x7 in
232 pp
May 2019
232 pp