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A British Home Child in Canada 2-Book Bundle

Marjorie Her War Years / Marjorie Too Afraid to Cry

Published August 2018

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The biography of a British girl, split from her family by the British child migration program, learning to cope with her hard new life in Canada.

Marjorie Too Afraid to Cry — Book #1
In 1937, 10-year-old Marjorie Arnison was shipped from Britain to Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School near Victoria, British Columbia. For years she wouldn't talk about her past. It wasn't until daughter Patricia explored archival records and shared them with her mother that a home-child saga emerged.

Marjorie Her War Years — Book #2
Sent away from her family and England to an isolated farm where she was at the mercy of a tyrannical “cottage mother,” Marjorie Arnison had to learn to forget her identity in order to survive in her unfamiliar and hostile new home. It was only much later in her life that the memories of where she came from began to resurface.


Patricia Skidmore

Patricia Skidmore is the daughter of a British child migrant. She lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

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August 2018
608 pp