Snowhook - Dundurn


Published January 2019


Hannah must rely on her survival instincts to endure a brutal ice storm and save her family.

At first, when a massive ice storm traps fourteen-year-old Hannah and her family in a remote cabin, it feels like a game to practise the survival skills she's been learning. That all changes when an accident leaves her mother desperately low on insulin. With no power and no way to contact the outside world, Hannah steals away with the four family dogs tied to an old dogsled.

All she has to do is make it to the nearest cabin and find a working phone to save the day. But a wrong turn and worsening weather leave her in grave danger and saddled with an unexpected passenger. Hannah must use all her skills and resourcefulness to get help for her family — before they all freeze to death in the wilderness.



Jo Storm

Jo Storm is a writer, dog trainer, and dogsledder. She has trained dogs in agility, competitive obedience, and scent detection. She lives in Sudbury, Ontario.

Book Details

January 2019
5x8 in
296 pp
January 2019
296 pp