Run Red with Blood - Dundurn

Run Red with Blood

Published October 2018


Things quickly go from bad to worse as Emily, Captain Fly Austen, and young Magpie each find themselves in treacherous waters.

In late September 1813, Fly Austen is ordered back to the American coast, as England’s Royal Navy has suffered a series of humiliating defeats. Forced to return to sea with a skeleton crew, Fly persuades a reluctant Leander Braden to accompany him one last time. Emily, fearing she will be left behind in Portsmouth, disguises herself as a man and steals aboard Fly’s frigate. Meanwhile, young Magpie is captured by a press gang and hustled aboard a hostile ship, only to find himself in the dangerous company of the English traitor Thomas Trevelyan.

A shipwreck, a mutiny, and a bloody encounter with American ships on the Atlantic inflict devastating consequences on all.


Cheryl Cooper

Cheryl Cooper is former teacher of the Deaf and a director of the Children’s Foundation of Muskoka. She lives in Bracebridge, Ontario.

Book Details

October 2018
6x9 in
376 pp
October 2018
392 pp