Ghost Stories and Legends of Prince Edward Island - Dundurn

Ghost Stories and Legends of Prince Edward Island

Published October 2018


A collection of haunting legends, delightful yarns, and spine-tingling ghost stories.

Swathed in mist, surrounded by the secretive sea, wind wailing like the lost souls of sailors around its shores, Prince Edward Island is the ideal setting for the strange and incredible, even the supernatural. Islanders have handed down, from one generation to the next, many legends and ghost stories of visiting spirits, buried pirate treasure, sea serpents, and ghostly apparitions.

Who dares to doubt the veracity of the sailors who met a phantom schooner, the fishermen who fled from a sea monster, or the countless Islanders who have dug for pirate gold, only to be terrified by something uncanny and to have abandoned their search?

Curl up on a dark night with this new second edition and find yourself transported to the magical and mysterious Prince Edward Island.


Julie V. Watson

Julie V. Watson has written hundreds of articles for publications across North America, and she is the author of over two dozen books. Julie lives in Charlottetown.

John C. Watson

The work of photographer John C. Watson has appeared in numerous magazines, books, and even on the sides of buses. John lives in Vancouver.

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October 2018
6x9 in
192 pp
October 2018
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