Yard Dog - Dundurn

Yard Dog

Published November 2018


Honourable ex-con Jack Palace struggles to repay an unstable criminal who saved his life.

What does a man do when he gets out of jail? Jack Palace hits the streets, plunging back into a violent world of crime and corruption. Jack wants out, but first he must repay his debt to Tommy, the man who saved his life in prison. Tommy’s dad, an old school mob boss, is on his deathbed, and Tommy wants to take over the old man’s rackets. Jack and his new girlfriend, Suzanne, are soon caught in the middle of a mob war. Now Jack must fight to defend the people he loves from the man he has sworn to protect while he tries to get out of the criminal life alive.



A.G. Pasquella

A.G. Pasquella is the author of the Jack Palace series, which includeYard Dog , Carve the Heart, and Season of Smoke. When he’s not writing, he makes music with the bands Miracle Beard and LaserGnu. Born in Dallas, Texas, he now lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Book Details

November 2018
5x8 in
352 pp
November 2018
352 pp