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Investing Strategies 3-Book Bundle

How to Profit from the Next Bull Market / When the Bubble Bursts / In Your Best Interest

Published March 2017

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Make your money work for you with up-to-date advice from seasoned financial advisors written for everyday investors.

How to Profit from the Next Bull Market
Seasoned financial advisor Alan Dustin offers an insightful and valuable step-by-step guide for Canadians looking to champion the stock market, avoid common investment mistakes, learn the ins and outs of buying and selling, and secure their financial futures.

When the Bubble Bursts: Surviving the Canadian Real Estate Crash
Hilliard MacBeth argues that investors should stop thinking about real estate as a safe investment, warning that it is only a matter of time before Canada faces a housing crisis on the scale of that of the U.S. He guides investors towards safer and more lucrative investments in order to protect their assets and ensure a comfortable retirement.

In Your Best Interest: The Ultimate Guide to the Canadian Bond Market
From a widely acknowledged authority on Canadian fixed-income investing, Hank Cunningham's In Your Best Interest will give you the tools to demystify the fixed income market and meet your income and retirement needs.


Alan Dustin

Alan Dustin is a seasoned financial adviser who has spent twenty-five years guiding Canadian investors to financial success. He has appeared as an expert commentator for CBC and CP24, and has published numerous articles for Investor’s Digest of Canada and Canadian MoneySaver. He lives in Toronto.

Hilliard MacBeth

Hilliard MacBeth has advised individuals and families from across Canada on their investments for forty years. He lives in Edmonton.

W. H. (Hank) Cunningham

Hank Cunningham has more than 40 years of experience in all aspects of fixed income markets. He has been a trader, institutional salesman, portfolio manager, and sero coupon specialist. Since 1988 he has specialized in the retail space, building and managing three different fixed income trading desks. He is now the Fixed Income Strategist for Odlum Brown Limited in Toronto.

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March 2017
768 pp