Stagestruck - Dundurn


The Saddle Creek Series

Published August 2017

$ 12.99


Romance and the supernatural mingle with uncontrolled dark ambition, and Abby — with the help of her extraordinary horse, Dancer — must put a stop to it before her entire community is destroyed.

Champion showjumper Dancer needs a new rider for the upcoming Grand Invitational, and Abby Malone is delighted to be chosen. It’s a dream come true, and she can hardly wait to get started. However, it turns out that Abby and Dancer may have some unexpected — and dangerous — hurdles to jump. The community is staging a play in the old converted barn, and as strange events begin to occur, Abby soon discovers something about the theatre is not quite right. Is she imagining things? Or is someone out to get her?


Shelley Peterson

Shelley Peterson is the bestselling author of several novels for young readers, including Sundancer, Christmas at Saddle Creek, and Jockey Girl. She raises horses at Fox Ridge, her family’s stable in Caledon.

Book Details

August 2017
5x8 in
344 pp