Embattled Nation - Dundurn

Embattled Nation

Canada's Wartime Election of 1917

Published October 2017


  • The first book-length study on the 1917 election, held during WWI, which nearly tore the country apart over questions of conscription and Canada’s place in the world
  • Published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the election, 17 December 1917
  • Deals with issues still of great public interest and debate today: national unity, Canadian values and citizenship, and negative advertising
  • Argues that 1917 was the most divisive election in Canadian history, with dramatic details of electoral manipulation, political friends torn apart, stress of war
  • This was the first federal election in Canada where women could vote, and the impact of this change on the campaign and outcome is a major topic
  • Authors are experts in their fields, and their previous book, Canada 1911, was praised in the Literary Review of Canada and Canada’s History



Patrice Dutil

Patrice Dutil is professor of politics and public administration at Ryerson University and the president of the Champlain Society. He is the author and editor of many books on Canadian politics. He lives in Toronto.

David MacKenzie

David MacKenzie is a professor of history at Ryerson University and the author of several books on Canadian history and international relations. He is also the editor of Canada and the First World War. He lives in Toronto.

Book Details

October 2017
6x9 in
360 pp
October 2017
360 pp