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Aviation Pioneers of Canada 7-Book Bundle

Brace for Impact / Air Canada / and 5 more

Published July 2016

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The Aviation Pioneers of Canada 7-Book Bundle presents the high-flying insight of Peter Pigott, in a special collection chronicling the aviators, aircraft, and drama of over a century of Canadian flight. From the Avro Arrow and the Silver Dart to the adventurers and visionaries who pushed Canadian airways to new heights, Pigott covers it all with his trademark breezy style and incredible historical photographs.


  • Brace for Impact: Air Crashes and Aviation Safety
  • Air Canada: The History
  • Flying Canucks: Famous Canadian Aviators
  • Flying Canucks II
  • On Canadian Wings: A Century of Flight
  • Taming the Skies: A Celebration of Canadian Flight
  • Wings Across Canada: An Illustrated History of Canadian Aviation


Peter Pigott

Peter Pigott is Canada’s foremost aviation author. Among his accomplishments are the histories of Air Canada, Trans Canada Airlines, and Canadian Airlines. He is the author of From Far and Wide, Sailing Seven Seas, Canada in Sudan and many more books. He lives in Ottawa.

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July 2016
1616 pp