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Considering College 2-Book Bundle

Dream Factories / What to Consider If You're Considering College

Published May 2016

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This two-book bundle is an essential handbook for any student or parent considering college. Learn why a degree is no longer a passport to success in today's job market.

Dream Factories
The “good jobs” of the past are almost gone. Today, many college graduates face unemployment while others face underemployment. Professors Ken Coates and Bill Morrison explore the death of the “good job,” and the role that colleges have played in the disconnect between career fantasies and realities.

What to Consider If You're Considering College
If you listen to the general chatter from parents, guidance counselors, and politicians, you would think that going to college is the only option that ensures future success. That's no longer true. This book is designed to help anyone under thirty make the best possible educational and career choices.


Ken S. Coates

Ken S. Coates is a prolific author whose works include Canada’s Colonies, The Modern North, North to Alaska, many academic books, and documentaries. He has served as a consultant to northern governments and organizations, and is Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation at the the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, where he lives.

Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison was a professor and administrator at universities in Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia, and a visiting professor in the United States before he retired in 2010. Morrison has published fourteen books, twelve of them in collaboration with Kenneth Coates. He lives in Ladysmith, B.C.

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May 2016
424 pp