Losing Our Voice - Dundurn

Losing Our Voice

Radio-Canada Under Siege

Published November 2015


The inside story of decades of government interference in the work of our national public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada.

Is there a quiet campaign to hamstring and silence the CBC? In Losing Our Voice Alain Saulnier, long-time head of news and public affairs at Radio-Canada, documents the decades of political interference that have jeopardized the very existence of one of Canada’s most important cultural institutions.

For French-speaking Canadians, with limited options in their own language, the national broadcaster is all the more important. But tensions surrounding national unity and identity have exacerbated the tendency of federal politicians to meddle in CBC/Radio-Canada’s content and management. Saulnier takes us behind the scenes as these tensions play out, and culminate in the punitive Harper budget cuts.



Alain Saulnier

Alain Saulnier is a career journalist who was head of news and public affairs programming at Radio-Canada’s French-language radio, television, and web services until 2012.

Pauline Couture

Pauline Couture is a senior strategic communications professional, author, and literary translator with extensive experience in both the corporate and the non-profit sector. She has been a journalist and broadcaster in both of Canada’s official languages and worked as a senior executive in the country’s film, television, and technology sectors.

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November 2015
6x9 in
224 pp
November 2015
224 pp
November 2015
224 pp