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Where the Water Lilies Grow / The North Runner / The Place in the Forest

Published November 2014

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This special 3-book bundle collects three of the works of master nature writer R.D. Lawrence. In The North Runner, he tells the true and moving story of the building of trust between a man and an exceptional dog that was half wolf, half Alaskan Malamute, and the resulting mutual affection and respect between them. In The Place in the Forest, he tells of a patch of Ontario wilderness, soon known as "The Place." Here Lawrence and his wife built a cabin and became immersed in studying the ways of the wild. "The Place" was home to a variety of wildlife, from black bears, wolves, beavers and raccoons through to hawks, snapping turtles and singing mice. Lawrence’s desire to learn, fuelled by his keen observation, led to his writing about and photographing life within his small corner of the forest — the result being a warm, witty account of change and survival in the natural world. The sequel, Where the Water Lilies Grow, continues the story of animals who inhabit the lakeside near his backwoods home. From the smallest water creature to wolves, deer and many, many birds, all are known to him with sensitivity, enthusiasm and empathy.

  • The North Runner
  • The Place in the Forest
  • Where the Water Lilies Grow


R.D. Lawrence

R.D. Lawrence, the son of an English father and a Spanish mother, was born at sea, aboard a British passenger ship sailing in Spanish territorial waters. His early years in Spain and his Spanish Civil War and World War II experiences are well-documented in his autobiography, The Green Trees Beyond.

Max Finkelstein

Paddler, author, environmentalist and raconteur, Max Finkelstein works as the Communications Officer for the Canadian Heritage Rivers System, Canada's national program for river conservation. When he is not speaking about, writing about, or otherwise promoting Canada's river heritage, Max can usually be found paddling on a river. He has paddled over 22,000 kilometres in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

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November 2014
752 pp