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The English In Canada Historical 3-Book Bundle

Planters, Paupers, and Pioneers / Seeking a Better Future / Ignored but not Forgotten

Published September 2014

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Lucille H. Campey’s acclaimed, groundbreaking series on English immigration to Canada is finally available in a collected volume with this complete, three-book edition. A must for genealogists and history lovers interested in the tremendous waves of English immigration to Canada, whose story has never been told in its full depth and detail until now.

Planters, Paupers, and Pioneers: English Settlers in Atlantic Canada

The first-ever comprehensive book written on early English immigration to Canada, Planters, Paupers, and Pioneers focuses on the factors that brought the English to Atlantic Canada. It traces English arrivals to their various settlements in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland, and considers their reasons for leaving their homeland. Who were they? When did they arrive? Were they successful? And what was their lasting impact? Drawing on wide-raging documentary resources, this book is essential reading for individuals wishing to trace English and Canadian family links.

Seeking a Better Future: The English Pioneers of Ontario and Quebec

The exodus from England that gathered pace during the 19th century accounted for the greatest part of the total emigration from Britain to Canada. And yet, while copious emigration studies have been undertaken on the Scots and the Irish, very little has been written about the English in Canada. Drawing on wide-ranging data collected from English record offices and Canadian archives, Seeking a Better Future considers why people left England and traces their destinations in Ontario and Quebec. Challenging the widely held assumption that emigration was primarily a flight from poverty, Campey reveals how the ambitious and resourceful English were strongly attracted by the greater freedoms and better livelihoods that could be achieved by relocating to Canada’s central provinces.

Ignored but not Forgotten: Canada’s English Immigrants

The great exodus from England to Canada peaked in the early 20th century, and although they were widely ignored in the past as an immigrant group, the English are now being given the attention they deserve. Drawing on wide-ranging documentary and statistical sources, Ignored but not Forgotten traces this major population movement on a region-by-region basis. Campey reveals the outstanding contributions by English immigrants to Canada’s settlement and development, and challenges the assumption that English Canadians were a privileged elite. In fact, most came from humble backgrounds. The book is essential reading for genealogists and general readers interested in why the English immigrated to Canada and the great scope of their achievements.

What critics are saying

"Campey’s chapters are well-written and hold the readers attention."

"A major addition to the literature for those looking for insight into their pioneer immigrant ancestor experience."

Anglo-Celtic Connections

"[Lucille Campey] has distilled a copious amount of research.… informative and engaging."

The British Columbia Genealogist


Lucille H. Campey

Lucille H. Campey was born in Ottawa. A professional researcher and historian, she has a master’s degree in medieval history from Leeds University and a Ph.D. from Aberdeen University in emigration history. She is the author of fourteen books on early Scottish, English, and Irish emigration to Canada. She was the recipient of the 2016 Prix du Québec for her work researching Irish emigration to Canada. She lives near Salisbury in Wiltshire, England.

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September 2014
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