Canadian Scholars Bundle - Dundurn

Canadian Scholars Bundle

Lucille Teasdale / Robertson Davies / George Grant / Marshall McLuhan

Published December 2013

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Presenting four titles in the Quest Biography series that profiles prominent people in Canada’s history. In these books we explore Canada’s rich academic and philosophical history through the fascinating lives of some of its most influential figures. Profiled are: prescient media guru Marshall McLuhan, physician Lucille Teasdale, political philosopher George Grant, and novelist and literary theorist Robertson Davies.


  • George Grant
  • Lucille Teasdale
  • Marshall McLuhan
  • Robertson Davies


Nicholas Maes

Nicholas Maes is a high school history teacher and teaches classics at the University of Waterloo. His previous novels for young people are Crescent Star, Locksmith, and Transmigration. Maes' first Felix Taylor Adventure was Laughing Wolf, which was nominated for the Snow Willow Award. He lives in Toronto.

Judith Fitzgerald

Judith Fitzgerald was born in 1952 in Toronto. She attended York University, where she earned both her BA and her MA. She has worked as editor of several Canadian poetry magazines. Fitzgerald also works as a biographer and an editor, and frequently reviews poetry for the Globe & Mail. Judith passed away peacefully on November 25, 2015.

T.F. Rigelhof

Regina-born novelist, book reviewer, cultural critic, and award-winning memoirist T.F. Rigelhof resides in Montreal, Canada.

Deborah Cowley

Deborah Cowley, an Ottawa-based writer and broadcaster, is also the author of Cairo, A Practical Guide and co-author of One Woman's Journey: A Portrait of Pauline Vanier.

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December 2013
768 pp