Canadian Adventurers and Explorers Bundle - Dundurn

Canadian Adventurers and Explorers Bundle

David Thompson / Vilhjalmur Stefansson / Samuel de Champlain / John Franklin / George Simpson / Phyllis Munday

Published December 2013

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Presenting six titles in the Quest Biography series that profiles prominent figures in Canada’s history. Canada is a vast land with many remote regions to be explored. Among the intrepid explorers who travelled the wilderness and mapped Canada’s geography are: the French founder of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain; surveyor David Thompson; doomed seeker of the Northwest Passage Sir John Franklin; Arctic explorer Vilhjamur Stefansson; legendary Upper Canada governor Sir George Simpson; and mountaineer Phyllis Munday. Their stories are detailed in these entertaining and informative biographies.

  • Samuel de Champlain
  • John Franklin
  • David Thompson
  • Vilhjamur Stefansson
  • George Simpson
  • Phyllis Munday


D.T. Lahey

D.T. Lahey is a retired Ontario teacher and department head of English. Lahey ís interest in genealogy led to research of Sir George Simpsonís origins, his wives, and his children. He has published articles breaking new ground in Simpson research in Families: The Journal of the Ontario Genealogical Society, and lives in Guelph, Ontario.

Tom Henighan

Tom Henighan's numerous works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry include The Maclean's Companion to Canadian Arts and Culture, The Well of Time, and the YA novel Viking Quest (2001). He lives in Ottawa, and teaches at Carleton University.

John Wilson

John Wilson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the author of numerous books for young people. He has written other Stories of Canada titles, including Righting Wrongs and Discovering the Arctic, both of which were shortlisted for the Norma Fleck Award for children's non-fiction. He lives in Lantzville, British Columbia.

Tom Shardlow

Tom Shardlow's diverse writing ranges from poetry and prizewinning short fiction published in literary magazines to book reviews. His freelance work, which includes creative drawings and photographs, often appears as feature articles in magazines and in newspapers. He lives with his family on Vancouver Island.

Kathryn Bridge

Kathryn Bridge, a Victoria-based archivist and historian, knows how to tell a good story. Her award-winning biographies about pioneering personalities rely on original diaries, letters, journals and historical photos to bring her subjects life. Her interest in the mountains began while she was playing in the alpine meadows of Mount Revelstoke as a youngster. Kathryn lives in Victoria, B.C.

Francine Legaré

A researcher and freelance writer, Francine Legaré lives in Quebec.

Jonathan Kaplansky

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December 2013
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