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Céline Dion and René Angelil Library Bundle

Céline / René Angelil: The Making of Céline Dion

Published November 2013

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Céline Dion is quite possibly Canada’s most famous singer and an icon in her own home province of Quebec. Possessed of an incandescent voice and a vibrant personality, she has moved huge audiences all over the world. These two books tell her story. Céline is the story of her journey from being just one child in a huge family to becoming the world’s songbird. René Angélil fills in the gaps by presenting the life of her manager and husband, who helps guide both Céline’s career and life and has played a key role in her success.

  • Céline
  • René Angelil: The Making of Céline Dion


Jean Beaunoyer

Jean Beaunoyer, a journalist with the Montreal daily La Presse, has published several books, including the best seller Celine Dion, une femme au destin exceptionnel in 1997.

Georges-Hebert Germain

The author, Georges-Hébert Germain, travelled with Céline and her entourage for over a year. Germain is the author of a number of popular biographies, children's books, and books on Quebec history, including a biography of the renowned hockey player Guy Lafleur. Céline was translated into English by David Homel, who is an author and award-winning translator.

Jean Beaulne

Jean Beaulne has himself produced a number of talented artists and knows the job of artists' manager inside out.

David Homel

David Homel is Homel is the author of five previous novels, one of which, The Speaking Cure, won the the Hugh MacLennan Prize for Best Fiction from the Quebec Writer’s Federation. He has won two Governor General’s Literary Awards for translation. He lives in Montreal.

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November 2013
794 pp