Well-Heeled - Dundurn


The Smart Girl's Guide to Getting Rich

Published April 2014


Financial analyst Lesley-Anne Scorgie lays out the roadmap for young women to be financially independent and debt-free.

Whether you’re financially maxed out or rolling in hundred-dollar bills, if you want to be rich, Well-Heeled is for you!

As a financially independent young woman, you will have the ability to determine the direction of your career and life path, allowing you to reach your full financial potential.

So if you’re ready to make more money, live debt free, and build a nest egg that can support an awesome future – one that’s designed by you and includes the splash, the chic, and the fun – check out Well-Heeled. In it, you will learn how to:

  • live frugally without sacrificing life’s little indulgences;
  • set a budget that enables you to have guilt-free fun;
  • get out, and stay out, of debt;
  • fight for your income;
  • increase your savings;
  • make savvy investment decisions just like the pros;
  • and be financially smart in relationships.

This guide will pump up your bank account and empower you to do and be whatever you want in life. Don’t wait for success to come calling – start today!


Lesley-Anne Scorgie

Lesley-Anne Scorgie is the founder of MeVest, a money school helping Canadians reach their financial potential. She’s also the bestselling author of Well-Heeled: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting Rich and Rich by Thirty: Your Guide to Financial Success. She lives in Toronto.

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April 2014
5.5x8.5 in
224 pp
April 2014
224 pp
April 2014
224 pp