Jalna: Books 9-12 - Dundurn

Jalna: Books 9-12

Finch's Fortune / The Master of Jalna / Whiteoak Harvest / Wakefield's Course

Published September 2013

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History flows swiftly on, and even the formidable family home of Jalna is swept up in its currents in this collection of books 9-12 of the Jalna series. Fortunes rise and crumble as older generations give way to the young, and the reins of tradition strain against the swift rush of progress reshaping the world. Follow the Whiteoak descendants through a disastrous inheritance, financial calamity, and the heartbreaks great and small that come with time.


Finch’s Fortune

The Master of Jalna

Whiteoak Harvest

Wakefield’s Course


Mazo de la Roche

Mazo de la Roche was an impoverished writer in Toronto when in 1927 she won a $10,000 prize from the American magazine Atlantic Monthly for her novel Jalna. The book became an immediate bestseller. She went on to publish sixteen novels in the popular series.

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September 2013
1200 pp