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Felix Taylor Adventures 2-Book Bundle

Laughing Wolf / Fortuna

Published August 2013

$ 14.99


For the first time, the Felix Taylor Adventures are available as together in this two-book bundle.

Short-listed for the Snow Willow Young Reader’s Choice Award and the Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice Award.

"An entertaining and thoughtful read that will please fans of sci-fi and historical fiction alike."

- Caitlin Campbell, CM magazine

Fortuna - Felix Taylor Adventure #2 (NEW!)

Just when Felix thought the 23rd century was returning to normal, Felix and Caroline must follow a stranger back in time and stop them before Felix’s world turns to dust.

Laughing Wold - Felix Taylor Adventure #1

When a mysterious plague places humanity on the brink of eradication, Felix must project back in time and retrieve the only possible cure, a flower common in ancient Rome, but extinct for more than 2,000 years.


Nicholas Maes

Nicholas Maes is a high school history teacher and teaches classics at the University of Waterloo. His previous novels for young people are Crescent Star, Locksmith, and Transmigration. Maes' first Felix Taylor Adventure was Laughing Wolf, which was nominated for the Snow Willow Award. He lives in Toronto.

Book Details

August 2013
504 pp