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On the Goose

A Labrador Métis Woman Remembers

Published March 2014


A personal and inspiring story about a young Métis woman with a history of abuse who triumphed over a harsh start in life.

Josie Penny’s life as part of a loving Métis family in an isolated corner of Labrador changed dramatically when she was taken away to a residential school. Abused by the students, Josie became increasingly angry and isolated from her family and community as she grew into her teens. At seventeen she left for Goose Bay to make her fortune and start her own life.

On the Goose is the story of how Josie came to terms with her feelings of helplessness and isolation as she began to understand why she could not feel or express love. Josie Penny’s memoir is an inspiring true story of how love and hard work helped one woman triumph over adversity.


Josie Penny

Josie Penny is the author of So few On Earth: A Labrador Métis Woman Remembers, a dramatic personal story of growing up in an isolated Labrador community surrounded by loving family, and how this was crushed by her experiences at residential school. In 2011, Josie was nominated for the Atlantic Book Award for her first book. Having triumphed over personal adversity, Josie is now a retired successful entrepreneur with a large, loving family. She lives in Dunville, Ontario, Canada.

Book Details

March 2014
6x9 in
240 pp
March 2014
240 pp
March 2014
240 pp