The Crown and Canadian Federalism - Dundurn

The Crown and Canadian Federalism

Published August 2013


More than ever Canada’s constitutional monarchy should be treasured as a distinct asset for the nation.

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s historic Diamond Jubilee in 2012, there is renewed interest in the institution of the Crown in Canada and the roles of the queen, governor general, and lieutenant governor. Author D. Michael Jackson traces the story of the monarchy and the Crown and shows how they are integral to Canada’s parliamentary democracy. His book underscores the Crown’s key contribution to the origins, evolution, and successful functioning of Canadian federalism, while the place of the monarchy in francophone Canada and the First Nations receives special attention.

Complex issues such as the royal prerogative, constitutional conventions, the office of lieutenant governor, and Canada’s honours system are made readily accessible to the general reader. Jackson examines the option of republican governance for Canada and concludes that responsible government under a constitutional monarchy is far preferable. He further argues that the Crown should be treasured as a distinct asset for Canada.



D. Michael Jackson

D. Michael Jackson (1940–2022) was president and a Fellow of the Institute for the Study of the Crown in Canada. Appointed by the Queen as a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in 2005, he was a recipient of the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers and a member of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. His books include The Crown and Canadian Federalism, The Canadian Kingdom, and Royal Progress.

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August 2013
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August 2013
336 pp
August 2013
336 pp