The Gargoyle at the Gates - Dundurn

The Gargoyle at the Gates

Published November 2012


2014 Red Cedar Book Award — Shortlisted
2014 Forest of Reading, Silver Birch Express — Shortlisted, Fiction
2013 Diamond Willow Award — Shortlisted
2013 Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award — Shortlisted
2013 Saskatchewan Young Reader’s Choice Award — Shortlisted
2013 White Ravens Award — Commended

What do you do when the park next door is inhabited by 400-year-old creatures?

Christopher has a problem. He has just moved to Toronto. He has a new school and no friends. But even worse, the park next door is creepy: voices whisper in the bushes, and something throws apples at his window and howls at the moon. But what? Gargoyles! Their names are Gargoth and Ambergine, and they need help. An evil thief called the Collector is after them and wants to lock them away in his dark mansion, forever.

Befriending a gargoyle takes courage, but it’s worth it. Once he does, Christopher suddenly has more friends than he ever imagined, including Katherine, a girl from his class who knows the gargoyles, as well. When the Collector steals Ambergine, it’s up to Christopher and Katherine to get her back, as long as something else doesn’t catch them along the way.

This is the third book in the award-nominated Lost Gargoyle series.



Philippa Dowding

Philippa Dowding is an award-winning children’s author, a poet, musician and a copywriter. Her many literary nominations include the Silver Birch Express, Red Cedar, and Red Maple awards. She lives in Toronto.

Book Details

November 2012
5x8 in
192 pp
November 2012
192 pp
November 2012
192 pp