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A Mill Should Be Build Thereon

An Early History of the Todmorden Mills

Published August 1995


It is difficult for Todmorden Mills Museum visitors to imagine that this site so close to the busy Don Valley Parkway was once home to an important mill. As early as 1793 Governor Simcoe recognized the industrial potential of this portion of the Don River. By 1795 Skinner’s sawmill was under construction, initiating an era of technological development that spread beyond the valley of the Don into what was then Muddy York. Today, Todmorden serves to remind us of Toronto’s industrial heritage and the spirit of the time.

This invaluable local history confirms the significance of early mills and later factories along the Don River and recognizes the roles played by Timothy Skinner, Parshall Terry, George Playter, William Helliwell and other settlers and entrepreneurs of Governor John Graves Simcoe’s time and beyond.

Eleanor Darke, assisted by Ian Wheal, presents us with an informative account of the people, their lives and their creative influence.


Eleanor Darke

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, and a Don Mills resident since the age of three, Eleanor Darke has been fascinated by history from childhood, especially by the first-person stories and documents of those personally involved. She has served as the Programme Officer, Toronto Historical Board, prior to which she was Site Manager at Mackenzie House, Toronto.

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August 1995
6x9 in
120 pp
August 1995
120 pp