I Saw Santa - Dundurn

I Saw Santa

Published June 1993


Little Dwayne grew up in rural Jamaica in the loving care of Granny. Like other little girls and boys he loved to play. Santa Claus, he learned, was somehow part of toys and games and very important at Christmas. Dwayne even had a treasured picture of Santa’s face. One day some special visitors from Canada came to his Basic School. Imagine Dwayne’s surprise when a tall white man with a white beard got off the bus. Dwayne just knew this was Santa.

This publication is in support of The Adopt-A-Basic-School Project of Women for P.A.C.E. (Canada).


Thelma Carey-Thompson

Thelma Carey-Thompson, noted Jamaican artist, is an active participant in the Jamaican-Canadian community.

Book Details

June 1993
10x8 in
32 pp
June 1993
32 pp