The Mulch Pile - Dundurn

The Mulch Pile

And Other Poems

Published June 1993

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Ornithologist, ecologist, naturalist and poet Dr. Robert W. Nero of Winnipeg is the acknowledged North American authority on the Great Gray Owl.

"Like his earlier book, Woman By the Shore, it is rather like an album of snapshots to leaf through … here is Bob walking the dog, here in the garden with Ruth, here pensively watching from his window. Each poem is carefully crafted to reveal the essence of one event and his appreciation of it."

- From the introduction by Ardythe McMaster


Robert W. Nero

A well-known scientist and educator with numerous natural history publications to his credit, Robert W. Nero has attracted attention in recent years through published collections of his poetry. Woman By the Shore, The Mulch Pile and Spring Again firmly established Bob Nero's standing in the field of poetry.

James A. Carson

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June 1993
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