Industry in the Wilderness - Dundurn

Industry in the Wilderness

The People, the Buildings, the Machines — Heritage in Northwestern Ontario

Published January 1983

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Filled with photographs, both historic and contemporary, this engaging book looks at the industrial pioneers of northwestern Ontario, and the activities which brought them to the wilderness: surveying, railroading, lumber, gold, bush piloting, transportation, and hydro power. Rasky lets the pioneers tell their own story, through their own reminiscences, and by the monuments they have left behind. Published with the assistance of the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Culture, and the Ontario Ministry of Northern Affairs.


Frank Rasky

Well-known journalist and editor, Frank Rasky is the author of The North Pole Or Bust, The Polar Voyagers, The Taming of the Great Canadian West, and Great Canadian Disasters.

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January 1983
8.5x11 in
128 pp