Eleven Exiles - Dundurn

Eleven Exiles

Accounts of Loyalists of the American Revolution

Published January 1982


Eleven Exiles is a personal account of the American Revolution. By focusing on eleven different people who were on the losing side of the American Revolution, and who had to make new lives for themselves in what remained of British North America. Eleven Exiles reflects the major themes of those turbulent years. What were the attitudes of these men and women toward the significant social and political ideas of the time? What motivated them to leave their home and move to a wildnerness? What challenges and hardships did they face?



Phyllis R. Blakeley

Phyllis Blakeley is the Archivist at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.

John Grant

John Grant is a Research Associate at the Atlantic Institute of Education.

Book Details

January 1982
6.25x9.25 in
336 pp
January 1982
6x9 in
336 pp