Funhouse - Dundurn


Published April 1999


In the tradition of such great Latin American magic realists as Jorge Amada, Sergio Kokis recreates the magic world of a child in Brazil.

The novel is told from the point of view of a Brazilian painter in exile somewhere in the northern climes - man who longs for the warmth and vibrancy of his childhood.

But his childhood and adolescence were not easy. Torn between a deeply religious (and superstitious) mother and his father, a man of science and reason, the young man survives his home life, life at boarding school, and life abroad to become an artist and a person in his own right.

Funhouse (Le pavillon des miroirs in French) has won four major literary awards in Quebec: Grand Prix du livre de Montrl, Prix de L’Acadie des lettres du Quec, Prix Quec-Paris, and Prix Desjardins.



Sergio Kokis

Segio Kokis is a bestselling author in Quebec. He has published five novels in French. Funhouse (Le pavillon des miroirs) was his first novel, published to critical acclaim. Born in Brazil, educated in Germany and France, Kokis is fluent in Portugese, German, French, and English.

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April 1999
5.5x8.5 in
260 pp
April 1999
260 pp
April 1999
260 pp