Play, Drama and Thought - Dundurn

Play, Drama and Thought

The Intellectual Background to Dramatic Education

Published November 1989

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This important reference work is essential reading for drama educators, therapists, and others in the helping professions. Part I considers drama from the perspective of the philosophers, from those of ancient Greece to modern times. Part II examines drama and play as seen by various schools of psychology, beginning with the depth psychology of Freud, Jung and Adler, and going on to discuss more recent schools, such as the drama therapy of Jacob Moreno. In Part III, the authors considers drama from a broader sociological and anthropological perspective, giving us a glimpse of its importance in cultures distant from each other in time and space. Part IV ties together the earlier chapters, and we see how drama relates to intuition, symbolism, and the fundamental structures of human thought.


Richard Courtney

Richard Courtney has over forty years' experience as actor, director, and teacher of drama in the UK and Canada, and has written widely on drama education. He is Professor Emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and cross-appointed to the Graduate School of Drama, University of Toronto.

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November 1989
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