Extraordinary Experiences - Dundurn

Extraordinary Experiences

Personal Accounts of the Paranormal in Canada

Published October 2004


When did you last have a psychic experience? Are you in the habit of seeing – or sensing – the presence of spirits and ghost? Have you ever spotted a lake monster or sighted a UFO? When did you last consult a fortune-teller, approach a medium work an Ouija board, or read an astrology column? Have you ever had a premonition that some odd event would occur, and then witnessed it actually occurring? Did you ever experience a sense of déjà vu or a moment of pure bliss?

Extraordinary Experiences: Personal Accounts of the Paranormal in Canada is a collection of over seventy short yet curiously gripping accounts of experiences and events that may be regarded as abnormal or paranormal. Colombo has collected highly readable accounts of unusual experiences from the past and the present. The supernatural practices of the Indians of the 18th and 19th centuries are described by Samuel Hearne and Paul Kane. From the turn of the century come accounts of "crisis apparitions," poltergeists, and haunted houses, as reported by spiritualists and other observers. But the majority of the personal narratives derive from letters sent to the editor in response to his requests featured in daily newspapers across the country, for first-hand accounts of the supernatural and the paranormal. Over one hundred readers responded; here are some of there responses…

Extraordinary Experiences is an extraordinary reading experience. No book quite like it has ever before appeared in Canada.


John Robert Colombo

John Robert Colombo, the author of the best-selling Colombo's Canadian Quotations and Fascinating Canada, has written, translated, or edited over two hundred books. He is the recipient of the Harbourfront Literary Prize and the Order of Canada, and is a Fellow of the Frye Centre.

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