Reigning Cats and Dogs - Dundurn

Reigning Cats and Dogs

A Light-Hearted Look at Pets & Their Owners

Illustrated byDavid Shaw
Published February 1985

$ 9.95


That irrepressible team whose previous collaborations poked fun at bureaucracies (Cover Your Ass!) and expounded on the horrors and humour of fatherhood (Daddy Dearest and Sorry Daddy) hove now turned their considerable talents on the droll and wacky world of pet ownership.

Although written in a typically light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek fashion, this informative book gives excellent advice on topics such as choosing a pet, the joy of housebreaking, feeding, veterinary visits and even fleas (and how to get rid of them).

Although the book stars those all-time favourites (cats and dogs) in includes chapters on both exotic and surrogate pets. Reigning Cats & Dogs offers a selection of pet recipes and a brief overview of pet contributions in the areas of language, television, movies and literature.

Ross and Shaw, described as "very perceptive and wildly funny" and "so funny they made me laugh out lout", have produced the indispensable guide for pet livers who own, have ever owned or are thinking of owning a pet.

A must for all animal lovers!


Marvin Ross

Marvin Ross, besides being an expert in planning and research with a Masters degree from the University of Toronto and the author of several technical publications, is a popular writer of humorous books with three bestsellers to his credit. He lives in Toronto.

David Shaw

David Shaw was born in London, England in 1947. He arrived in Canada in 1954 and eventually graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1969. He has designed over 600 books, including The Canadian Encyclopedia (1985) and his illustrations have appeared in various books, textbooks, and magazines. He lives in Toronto.

Book Details

February 1985
8x8.25 in
111 pp