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Published April 2002


Like the shifting and often turbulent skies of our own emotional meteorology, Rhonda Batchelor’s poems forecast the shifting patterns of a marriage from quiet moments of a graceful dawn to stormy seas of absence, from brilliant love-strewn sunshowers to dark moments of loss and bitter nights upon the shore. In three sections, "Backbone of the Moon", "Ghostly Dialogues" and "Still Breathing", Batchelor explores the fleeting forever trilogy of expectations, unions and releases that comprise the tidelike phases of a lover’s cycle. Dedicated to respected Canadian poet Charles Lillard, Batchelor’s late husband, this work keens to the notes of a personal lament but emerges triumphantly healed and ultimately blessed.


Rhonda Batchelor

Rhonda Batchelor is the author of two collections of poetry, Bearings and Interpreting Silence. She has been anthologized in Windhorse Reader: Choice Poems of 1994, Because You Loved Being a Stranger: 55 Poems Celebrate Patrick Lane, and New Life in Dark Seas: Brick Books 25. She lives in Victoria, BC, and is the manager of The Hawthorne Bookshop. She is also the publisher of Reference West chapbooks.

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April 2002
5.5x8.5 in
120 pp
April 2002
120 pp