Ignite the Third Factor - Dundurn

Ignite the Third Factor

Published April 2011


How do you get someone else committed to reaching their fullest potential? It's a question that challenges new managers and seasoned executives alike, echoes through coaches' heads as they watch a gifted athlete underachieve, and keeps parents up at night.

In Ignite the Third Factor, Peter synthesizes his life‘s work into the five core practices exceptional leaders use to ignite the Third Factor in themselves and others — whether it‘s in the locker room before a gold medal Olympic hockey game or at a routine performance review. Peter works through an easy-to-understand model, providing a clear view of what separates igniters from extinguishers and exploring a wealth of strategies you can put to use immediately in your world. Like the laws of physics, these principles apply in any environment. They may look different when used by a parent, a manager, or a coach, but the forces of work remain the same.

Ignite the Third Factor is a fast-paced journey packed with familiar faces, engaging stories, and humour. As he moves from the dressing room to the corner office and back again, Peter weaves insights from well-known Canadian, American, and British coaches and executives with his personal experience to provide a practical guide to helping others excel — all set against the backdrop of an exciting thirty years of involvement in the Canadian Olympic Movement.



Dr. Peter Jensen

Dr. Peter Jensen has attended six Olympic Games as a member of the Canadian team, worked with over 40 medalwinning athletes and their coaches, and is the mental training consultant for Canada’s Olympic women’s hockey team. He is an instructor at Canada’s foremost business school, Queen’s School of Business, and the founder of Performance Coaching, a corporate training firm.

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April 2011
6.0x9.0 in
228 pp
April 2011
228 pp