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The Canadian Campus Companion

Everything You Need to Know About Going to University and College

Published January 2011


A comprehensive and honest guide to the Canadian college and university experience, offering down-to-earth advice on everything from choosing your major to surviving residence, from acing exams to partying safely.

For most students, university is a first foray into adulthood and can be a time of great personal growth, but it is also a time of difficult decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

The Canadian Campus Companion contains essential information for all prospective students and parents.

  • Choosing a School: How to know what is right for you. (College or university? Urban or small town?)
  • Residence Life: Tips for surviving residence without killing your roommate.
  • Costs and Budgeting: The lowdown on the real cost of getting an undergraduate degree.
  • Beating the Campus Blues: Tips for managing stress and beating homesickness.
  • Jump Start Your Career: How to showcase skills acquired during your university career.

Veteran post-secondary education journalist Erin Millar and co-author Ben Coli offer frank advice based on hundreds of interviews with students, professors and other university experts conducted while writing articles for Maclean’s, Chatelaine, Reader’s Digest and The Globe and Mail to help students avoid these pitfalls while maximizing opportunities for fun, learning and career advancement.


Erin Millar

Erin Millar is one of Canada’s leading post-secondary education journalists and has written about education for publications including Maclean’s, Chatelaine, Readers’ Digest, and the Globe and Mail. She has also appeared as an expert on university life on radio and television across the country. Erin is perhaps best known for her work as a founding editor of Maclean’s OnCampus, a section of dedicated to university life.

Ben Coli

Ben Coli contributes to a weekly advice column and blog at Maclean's OnCampus about university life. He brings a knowledge of financial planning and marketing to The Canadian Campus Companion, and was a property tax consultant before turning to writing full-time.

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January 2011
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January 2011
336 pp