Mackerel Sky - Dundurn

Mackerel Sky

Published February 2004


From one of Canada’s most original emerging writers comes a novel of criminal intrigue, eccentric love, and powerful women. After a twenty-year absence, a father returns to meet his adult daughter for the first time and is completely unprepared for what he encounters. Guy discovers that his vivacious daughter lives in a bizarre household with her mother, Martine, and Martine’s young lover, Harry. If the intense and unusual relationship of the three housemates isn’t enough, Guy also realizes that they are deeply involved in a counterfeiting operation, producing fake American currency for the black market. Rekindling his relationship with Martine creates friction in the house, and when the counterfeiting operation breaks down, Guy finds himself in a desperate situation as the novel drives towards its climax deep in the criminal underworld. With comparisons to Milan Kundera, Leonard Cohen, and Barbara Gowdy, Natalee Caple brings to this novel her exquisite portrayal of the human psyche and her daring, provocative style.

Mackerel Sky is a dark, thrilling novel about seduction, the intricate, often destructive relationship between parent and child, and the impulses of the heart.



Natalee Caple

Natalee Caple is the author of a collection of poetry, A More Tender Ocean, and three books of fiction, The Heart Is Its Own Reason, The Plight of Happy People in an Ordinary World and, most recently, Mackerel Sky. She is also a co-editor of The Notebooks, a 2002 anthology showcasing Canada's rising stars of fiction. Her stories have been nominated for a National Magazine Award, the Journey Prize and the Bronwen Wallace Award. Caple lives in Toronto.

Book Details

February 2004
5.25x7.75 in
288 pp
February 2004
6.25x9.25 in
264 pp