In a gritty, tech-noir version of 1930s Manhattan, an ex-cop and his robot partner must stop a killer who’s sending the city into chaos.

A month after Elias Roche and his Automatic partner Allen saved Lower Manhattan from itself, a new threat has emerged. Four high-profile murders at the Edison Hotel turn out to be connected to the Manzano Mob, one of the few rivals left opposing the Iron Hands. Along with this, Roche has gained accidental fame and a new threat in the form of a journalist who is too eager to investigate his past. Dodging the mafia, the cops, and the FBI, Roche and Allen must find a killer with both a time limit and a looming war hanging over their heads.


Carlson wonderfully creates a world that is instantly recognizable but is still populated with a new landscape filled with people we recognize and understand. This writer is definitely one to watch.

Globe and Mail, for Night Call

Carlson does a good job populating his gritty, split-level world with dodgy mobsters, deadly dames, and killer machines

Publishers Weekly, for Night Call

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