The Zeru Night


Loveable crook Max O’Brien finds himself in Africa solving the murder of a friend.

Distraught by the murder of lawyer and good friend Valéria Michieka, Max O’Brien travels to Tanzania to track down those responsible. What starts as a fight for justice quickly becomes entangled with the persecution of albinos in the East African state. Thought by some to have supernatural powers, many albinos found themselves targetted for murder, trafficking, and organ theft, and Max has reason to think that Valéria was killed because of her legal work defending their rights and safety.

Max’s investigation leads him into the history of the terrible “Night of the Albinos,” when multiple people were murdered, after which Valéria convinced her government to reintroduce harsh punishments for human traffickers. Did the lawyer’s unwavering opposition to the trade in albinos cost her her life? Max’s search for the truth about his friend’s death is filled with secrets and mysteries, each more impenetrable than the last.

About the Author

Mario Bolduc

Posted by KathrynB on September 2, 2015
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Mario Bolduc

Screenwriter Mario Bolduc has written three novels featuring Max O’Brien, starting with The Kashmir Trap. Originally published in French, The Roma Plot, the second book of the series, won an Arthur Ellis Award in 2008. Mario lives in Montreal, Quebec.