Yard Dog


Honourable ex-con Jack Palace struggles to repay an unstable criminal who saved his life.

Fresh out of jail, Jack Palace hits the streets, plunging back into a world of crime and corruption in an effort to repay his debt to the man who saved his life. Unfortunately, that man is the addled son of a high-ranking mobster, and Jack quickly finds himself caught in the middle of a mob war.

With his benefactor’s mob-boss father on his deathbed, Jack has an unwanted front-row to the unravelling of a crime family’s fortunes. With things falling apart fast, Jack plays a dangerous game to try and keep his head on his shoulders. Soon, Jack and his girlfriend, Suzanne, are under fire from all sides. Now he must fight to defend the people he loves from the man he has to protect, and try to get out of the criminal life alive.

About the Author

A.G. Pasquella

Posted by Kendra on February 13, 2018
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A.G. Pasquella

A.G. Pasquella’s work has appeared in various spots, including McSweeney’s, Black Book, Joyland, Utne Reader, and Imaginarium 2013: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing. When he’s not writing, A.G. makes music with his band Miracle Beard. He lives in Toronto.