Waterloo You Never Knew


Stories of real lives lived on the margins.

How well does Waterloo know its own local history? The stories we’ve all heard — like the initial settlement by Pennsylvania Germans in 1800 — involve the “great accomplishments” of our founding fathers. What about our founding mothers, sisters, brothers, and neighbours, both new and old? What about our community’s secrets, triumphs, and tragedies?

In Waterloo You Never Knew, Joanna Rickert-Hall unearths the untold and controversial stories that locals may have heard about but don’t usually share. From Mennonites to psychic healers, bootlegging to grave-robbing, this is a must-read for anyone drawn to Waterloo. For lifelong residents and armchair tourists alike, the stories here of obscure history
and overlooked individuals prove that the history you don᾿t know is the most fascinating of all.

About the Author

Joanna Rickert-Hall

Posted by Dundurn Guest on February 13, 2018
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Joanna Rickert-Hall

Joanna Rickert-Hall is a social historian engaged in the unending search for arcane and overlooked histories — particularly those that involve folk medicine, magic, and early community relationships in Canada. She is the 2015 recipient of the Jean Steckle Award for Excellence in Heritage Education. Joanna lives in Waterloo, Ontario.