An Unstoppable Force


This book provides the first exhaustive study of the great Scottish exodus to Canada written in modern times. Using wide-ranging sources, some previously untapped, Lucille Campey examines the driving forces behind the Scottish exodus and traces the remarkable progress of Scottish colonizers across Canada. Mythology and truth are considered side by side as their story unfolds. Scots had a profound impact on Canada and shaped the course of its history. This book is essential reading for those who wish to understand why they came and the enormity of their achievements in Canada.


In the course of her investigation, Campey has left no stone unturned, often drawing from primary sources, such as ships' passenger lists and diaries, newspaper articles, customs and shipping records, clergy reports and genealogical society transcriptions of tombstones to prove her points.

Essential reading

...a vivid history lesson...the book is a precise telling of the Scottish influence on Canadian life.

Shelf Life

... exhaustively researched ...

Winnipeg Free Press (May, 2008)

An Unstoppable Force is well written and produced, with good maps and many illustrations integrated into the text.
It will interest everyone wishing to understand the place of the Scots in Nova Scotian and Canadian history.

The Halifax Herald (June, 2008)

About the Author

Lucille H. Campey

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Lucille H. Campey

Lucille H. Campey was born in Ottawa. A professional researcher and historian, she has a master’s degree in medieval history from Leeds University and a Ph.D. from Aberdeen University in emigration history. She is the author of fourteen books on early Scottish, English, and Irish emigration to Canada. She was the recipient of the 2016 Prix du Québec for her work researching Irish emigration to Canada.