True Patriots


A young navy officer and a small-town professor find themselves in the crosshairs of a violent plot to tear Canada apart.

When Daniel Ritter, a small-town professor seeking atonement for a failed marriage, an estranged daughter, and a stellar career full of regrets, receives a surprising call from a celebrity entrepreneur, he is forced to dust off special skills honed from a shadowy past in international business to deal with a new and personal threat. Joining forces with Claire Marcoux, a young naval officer with a warship under her command, they find themselves in the middle of a domestic political terror plot by a cabal of extremists to pry Alberta away from Canadian Confederation at any cost.

About the Author

Russell Fralich

Posted by Kendra on April 30, 2019

Russell Fralich

Russell Fralich grew up in three different provinces. Travelling coast to coast to coast turned him into a curious observer of the Canadian experience. While he wrote most of this novel during his years in Halifax, he now lives in Montreal.