The Tide of War


The invasion attempt on Upper Canada by a new and vastly improved American army in the first six months of 1814.

Throughout 1812 and 1813, Upper Canada had been the principle target for a succession of American invasions and attacks. Fortunately they all had been repulsed, but at a high cost in lives and the devastation of property on both sides of the border. By the beginning of 1814, both sides were determined to bring the war to an end with a decisive victory through an escalated commitment of men and military resources.

Continuing the story already detailed in The Call to Arms, The Pendulum of War, and The Flames of War, The Tide of War documents the first six months of 1814 and the ongoing fight for the domination and control of Upper Canada.


[Feltoe] has brought together a wealth of information in the form of first hand descriptions, contemporary sketches and battlefield maps of a truly unnecessary war, one we didn't start. Richard's books will be the perfect resource material for the historians of the future.

Mike Filey, Toronto Sun

…Richard Feltoe’s concise but comprehensive series…The Tide of War takes readers to the first half of 1814 and thus towards the war’s culmination…As always, there are vital charts and maps to indicate battalion movements, and a clear narrative of events and circumstances for a very complicated stage of the war.

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About the Author

Richard Feltoe

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Richard Feltoe

Richard Feltoe was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and holds a degree in economics from the University of London. He is the curator and corporate archivist for the Redpath Sugar Museum and is active as a living history reenactor, re-creating the life of a Canadian militia soldier from the War of 1812. His other publications include The Flames of War and The Pendulum of War. He lives in Brampton, Ontario.