Throw Your Stuff Off the Plane


A guide for people and the organizations they’re part of to be accountable for what they commit to.

Accountability — we all want the people around us to be responsible, reveal genuine commitment, keep on track with their word, and stay away from blame. But organizational systems intended to institutionalize accountability don’t quite go all the way. People are people. They have their own wants and needs, their own psychological tangles, and they often don’t particularly want to be held accountable, let alone confront others who have let them down.

Throw Your Stuff Off the Plane is here to help. It reveals the missing ingredient organizations usually overlook: personal responsibility. It’s an approach to self-improvement for each reader, centring on untangling the conflicting thoughts that block personal responsibility. And it’s a guide for every leader who wants to go all the way.

About the Author

Art Horn

Posted by Kendra on February 21, 2017
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Art Horn

Art Horn, founder of HORN Training and Consulting, has worked for 30 years helping individuals locate personal responsibility and translate it into organizational accountability. He is an educator, consultant, and executive coach, as well as the author of four previous books on the topics of leadership and self-management. He lives in Toronto.