They Fought in Colour / La Guerre en couleur


Iconic photos from the First World War, newly colourized.

See seminal images of Canada’s First World War experience in a new light — offered in full colour for the first time. With contributions in both French and English from Margaret Atwood, Tim, Cook, Charlotte Gray, Paul Gross, Peter Mansbridge, and many others.

Canadians today see the First World War largely through black and white photography. Colourizing these images brings a new focus to our understanding and appreciation of the role Canada played during the First World War. It makes the soldier in the muddy trench, the nurse in the field hospital, and those who waited for them at home come to life. Immediately, their expressions, mannerisms, and feelings are familiar. They become real. They Fought in Colour is a new look at Canada’s experience during the Great War. A more accessible look. A more contemporary look.

About the Authors

Paul Gross

Posted by KathrynB on November 14, 2017

Paul Gross

Paul Gross is a Canadian actor, director, producer, writer and singer. He is mostly well known for his role of Constable Benton Fraser on the CBC/CTV television series, Due South.