There Is Life After Death


What happens when we die?

Will we simply dissolve into nothingness, or will we survive death in some other form? Issues of death and dying have consumed humanity from time immemorial. In our modern western culture, we have tended out of fear to deny and push death away. And yet, a healthy consideration of this issue can help us embrace and understand what happens to us when we die.

There is Life After Death is Tom Harpur’s classic examination of death and dying. Now fully revised and updated, here is a new edition of a book that weighs the scientific, religious and anecdotal evidence of survival of death and what happens after we die. The likelihood of death being a portal to other forms of existence is argued persuasively.

Tom Harpur looks at the witness of near-death experiences, and examines the idea of reincarnation, as well as the claims of channelers and spirit mediums. Most importantly, the author looks at how the great world religions from Christianity, Judaism and Islam to Hinduism, Buddhism and Native Spirituality among others, deal with life after death.

This book is a powerful summary of what we know and believe about death.

There is Life After Death is both illuminating and comforting in its message and conclusions — and goes a long way in putting to rest one of the last great taboos of our culture.


Stimulating and readable...A judicious and many-sided account of a subject of unending concern.

The Canadian Jewish News

Harpur is as lucid a guide to the hereafter as we are going to get in the here and now.

The Globe and Mail

This book helps us take the spiritual pulse of the times...I admire the clearheaded honesty that seldom seems to desert Harpur.

The Montreal Gazette

About the Author

Tom Harpur

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Tom Harpur

Tom Harpur was a columnist for the Toronto Star, Rhodes scholar, former Anglican priest, and professor of Greek and the New Testament, and was an internationally renowned writer on religious and ethical issues. He was the author of ten bestselling books, including For Christ’s Sake and The Pagan Christ.