Tell Everything


The day Pauline sees Ramona’s mug shot in the paper, she knows she’s going to be called upon to relive the darkest period of her life. Charged with murder, Ramona and her husband, Jim, have also been accused of sexually abusing female victims for years in their home. And when the police discover a stash of scripts for disturbing plays performed years earlier by Pauline, Ramona, and Jim, Pauline becomes a key witness in the trial.

Tell Everything follows Pauline as she prepares for her testimony, and in the process reawakens memories that she has buried since she was a teenager. But the most difficult challenge she faces is keeping her relationship with her partner, Alex, in tact as he learns for the first time what terrible secrets lurk in her past. Tell Everything is a gripping, agonizingly vivid work from a gifted author who is not afraid to take her reader into the darkest regions of the human soul.


Tell Everything tells us everything - in selected, suspenseful, breathless segments - that makes going to work, falling asleep or getting off the subway at the right stop nearly impossible Tell Everything is a tremendous accomplishment from a writer with a gift for complex character development, agonizing suspense and the occasional lyrical gem of a sentence.

It is lyrical, intimate and horrifying ... Cooper slowly peels back layers in search of the real lives and motivations behind the media maelstrom of sensational trial ... Cooper has achieved an impressive and delicate balance.

... while unsettling, shows the powers of an emerging writer with uncanny skills in crafting dialogue, plot and prose.

Hamilton writer Sally Cooper's second novel ... is courageous.

National Post

The magnetic writing drew me to the story ... A commanding work that is both challenging and satisfying.

About the Author

Sally Cooper

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Sally Cooper

Sally Cooper has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and literary journals. Her first novel, Love Object (2002), received praise from critics and earned a devoted follower of readers. Cooper teaches Creative Writing at Humber College in Toronto, and lives in Hamilton, Ontario.