Taming the Skies


It is a cruel irony of history that as we celebrate the centenary of flight on December 17, 2003, aviation is in a tailspin and airlines are disappearing in Canada. Yet flight itself remains one of humanity’s most spectacular triumphs, and Canada especially has much to be proud of. Contained within these covers is a complex portrait of Canadian aviation, from the Silver Dart to the Cormorant. Packed with photographs as colourful as the details that accompany them, it bursts with unforgettable aircraft trivia.


In this fine, coffee-table style book Pigott has provided brief histories of fifty of the most significant aircraft in the history of Canadian aviation. Each chapter is enlivened by excellent photographs, and by Pigott's sense of humour.

Canadian Military History (January, 2004)

Peter Pigott has brought together 50 of the most interesting, most important or most obscure aircraft in Canada's history with charming biographies and photographs of each.

Globe and Mail (November, 2003)

a nice introduction to the great pantheon of aviation memories which are a rich part of our aeronautical heritage.

COPA Flight (December, 2003)

...a must read for those who can appreciate the gift of flight.

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Peter Pigott

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Peter Pigott

Peter Pigott is Canada’s foremost aviation author. Among his accomplishments are the histories of Air Canada, Trans Canada Airlines, and Canadian Airlines. He is the author of From Far and Wide, Sailing Seven Seas, Canada in Sudan and many more books. He lives in Ottawa.