Swimming with Horses


An unlikely friendship between Canadian teenager Sam Mitchell and South African bad girl Hilary Anson sparks a journey to untangle an unsolved murder.

Eighteen-year-old Hilary Anson’s startling good looks and wanton ways soon scandalize the denizens of sleepy Kelso County, but young Sam Mitchell is instantly enthralled by his new friend. Over one sun-soaked summer, Hilary vastly improves Sam’s equestrian skills, but also drops inscrutable details about her past in apartheid-era South Africa. Mysteries mount, until Hilary vanishes, leaving at least one unsolved murder in her wake.

Many years and two failed marriages later, Sam sets out for South Africa, determined to crack the enigma of Hilary Anson. In doing so, he finds himself confronting a shocking secret of his own.

A coming-of-age tale with the narrative kick of an international thriller, Swimming with Horses is a morality play for modern times, shining a light of hope on the darkest corners of the human heart.

About the Author

Oakland Ross

Posted by KathrynB on March 27, 2018
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Oakland Ross

Oakland Ross has written two previous novels, a travel memoir, and a short story collection. For several years, he served as Middle East correspondent for the Toronto Star. Before that, he was the correspondent in Latin America and later in Africa for the Globe and Mail. He lives in Toronto.