Subverting Justice


The eleventh Jack Taggart Mystery pits Taggart against the ruthless new leader of the Satans Wrath Motorcycle Gang.

After the new leader of the Satans Wrath Motorcycle Club ordered the murder and torture of three people — one who was wrongly suspected of being an informant — a bloody message painted on the wall at the murder scene is personally addressed to Jack Taggart.

Horrified by the discovery, Taggart’s shock turns to rage when the bikers’ next stop is to his home. When a new assistant commissioner orders Taggart to stay clear of the bikers, Taggart forms a deadly plan of vengeance to deliver justice as only he could.


Packed with action and juicy details of the volatile relationships among law enforcement professionals.

Kirkus Reviews

If it feels real, it’s a Don Easton story … This is fictional crime writing at its best.

The Bay Observer

Easton clearly draws on his experiences to add authenticity to his characters’ work … A chilling glimpse into what life is like for those who choose to pledge their allegiance to a gang.

Vancouver Sun

Perfect for readers who want a tense thriller and a realistic view ... into the dark mazes where gangs, informants, and undercover cops try to trap each other."

Publisher’s Weekly

About the Author

Don Easton

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Don Easton

Don Easton worked as an undercover Mountie for twenty years, including seven years in an RCMP Intelligence Unit. He lives in Victoria, B.C.